Hospital plans compete with other insurance types for your budget and without sound understanding of what this can mean for you, you may find yourself either paying too little for the right hospital cover, or too much for the wrong hospital cover. You do not want that, and this is where the services we provide at can help you.

A hospital plan policy is an insurance product which you can claim against for the costs of your own hospitalization or that of your loved ones, or any other beneficiary in fact.

Here is how it works:

You compare hospital plan quotes using our form below, and after receiving contact back, you can conclude your policy all online.

Your policy details will be communicated to you in various ways including over the telephone, via email and via post. This is to ensure you are fully equipped with all the necessary documentation of the policy.

The policy is effective from the time you pay your first monthly premium. This monthly premium is the actual contribution you make towards the policy.

You will keep paying these premiums for the entire term of your policy which is usually from the first time you take it out and indefinitely.

Hospital cover is designed to help you with payments of your hospital bills and other bills you may incur because of your absence from work. The conditions and procedures which you can claim for will be listed in your policy document. Some of the terms you need to know about hospital cover are explained in this page: Hospital Insurance Glossary.

We offer a no frills service where you can quickly compare quotes, get responses from various insurance and medical plan providers with offers.