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Affinity Health Offers Affordable Health Insurance


Let’s face it, the cost of healthcare in South Africa is rising. You may be in the prime of your youth and healthy as a horse. Taking up a health plan may seem an unnecessary expense. But an affordable health plan really comes in handy if, by some unfortunate circumstance, you’re involved in an accident that requires a major medical procedure. It saves you from having to dig into your savings to take care of your hospital bills or the cost of your medicines. You may be planning to start a family soon; your cover will ease the burden of paying for maternal care. 


Affinity Health insurance company was established about a decade ago to help hardworking South Africans to access affordable healthcare. Whether you’re just starting out on your job or are more established with a grown family, Affinity Health insurance connects you with the most suitable cover for you. They are agents who have partnered with leading players in the health insurance industry to bring healthcare closer to citizens of all walks. Among their partners are: Lion of Africa Life Assurance, Pan-African Managed Care and Dental Risk Company.  



Affordable Health Insurance in South Africa



Affordable Affinity Health Plans 


Affinity Health insurance offers affordable health plans that are flexible enough for South Africans of all walks to become members. You can choose to have a cheap plan only with day-to-day benefits or one that takes care of in-hospital treatment. Or you could have a combination of the two. Those with young families can opt for an affordable plan that provides this combination to their children. There are also plans that provide day-to-day and in-patient benefits to seniors. So what benefits do you get with each of these plans? 


Day-to-day plan: This plan caters for the times when you need to see your GP or a specialist and you’re not admitted for overnight care. It covers you for unlimited doctor visits and if your doctor recommends any form of radiology or pathology, this is covered by your plan. You can see a specialist in optometry and if all they prescribe is a pair of reading glasses, this is covered by your policy. Your cover also allows you to get basic dental treatment. 


If you visit any Medical Society Centre for treatment, this will also be covered by your Affinity Health plan. Prescribed acute medication is another of this plan’s benefits. In addition to this you will get a family funeral cover. 


Hospital plan: In the event you are hospitalised as the result of an accident or an illness, your cheap Affinity Health plan takes care of diagnostic procedures use of the casualty room. If you are hospitalised for maternity, this cover will cover the related costs. In addition to this you will have access to 24-hour emergency medical services. Affinity Health’s hospital gives you access to a wide selection of private hospitals.  


To get the most out of Affinity Health’s affordable health insurance, it is wise to join as early as possible. If you are over 54 years of age, you will be subjected to higher premiums. 







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