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African Unity Life Health Insurance



African Unity Life offers long-term health insurance as part of its range of products. African Unity Life is a company with a mission to establish financial inclusion for all South Africans. African Unity Life offers a range of unique, innovative products in which the lower and middle-income earners are catered for. A financial services provider with a life license, AUL offers long-term health insurance. They also offer assistance insurance and life insurance.  


AUL aims to help keep South Africa’s workforce in good health so as to maximise their productivity. To this end they offer both individual and group health insurance cover. This health insurance cover caters for your expenses when you’re hospitalized as well as for outpatient care. Their health insurance cover is more affordable than medical aid. If you are business owner, you can take out African Unity Life group health plan to give your workers peace of mind. If they and their families’ health has been taken care of, they can focus on being productive. The group cover is available for both individuals and families.  



African Unity Life Health Insurance



African Unity Health Insure Benefits



Here is a list of what you can expect your AUL health insurance to cover. These apply for both individual and group health plans.

·         Medication for chronic conditions. This won’t apply to all illnesses so you will need to find out which conditions are covered.

·         Procedures such as removal of kidney stones and hernias, appendectomies and hysterectomies.

·         Maternal care is covered, including costs of the midwife or Caesarian section, if this procedure is required.

·         Emergency medical treatment after being involved in an accident is covered.

·         ICU treatment for such an emergency or acute symptoms is covered.


Points to note about African Unity Life Health Insurance


The benefits of your AUL health insurance policy for hospitalisation can be paid out in two ways. One is as a lump sum, in which case the amount will be limited to R20,000 per annum. If it will be paid as a daily benefit, the member or beneficiary will be paid R3,000 for every day they are hospitalized. There is no limit on the number of days the amount will be paid.


You can only start enjoying the benefits after a certain waiting period has elapsed. There is no fixed waiting period with African Unity. It is calculated on a case-by-case basis taking into account factors such as pre-existing conditions. The waiting period helps to prevent people getting insurance so as to make quick claims.Without the waiting period the insurer could suffer a strain on the pool of funds available for settling claims. For this reason you will be required to disclose information on any pre-existing conditions you may have.


Also note that the benefits will not be paid directly to the healthcare provider. AUL operates according to the 2017 Demarcation Regulations. These dictate that the benefit value be paid to the insured or beneficiary of the policy. The beneficiary can then decide to use the funds to settle medical bills or other related expenses. This is what distinguishes a medical aid scheme from health insurance.  







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