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Basic Hospital Plan in South Africa


Hospital plans come as a lifeline to many battling South Africans. With COVID-19, many South Africans have opted to give up their comprehensive medical aid plans in favour of the more affordable, basic hospital plan.  


These vital hospital plans can provide you with quality care at a private hospital in the event of a medical emergency. 


Hospital plans aren’t all set in stone and some actually offer more than just straightforward hospitalization cover. We look at what Unity Health offers in the way of a hospital plan.  


The power of good basic healthcare 


For starters, Unity Health is a division of Ambledown Financial Services. The make sure that they provide quality basic healthcare to all South Africans and at affordable prices.  


Unity Health isn’t a medical aid. Hospital insurance is actually governed by the Short-term Insurance Act. Many people invest in these hospital plans and use them with medical aid plans.  


They have hospital plans that are suitable for groups and individuals.  


For groups, they offer a Plan A, B and C. 


For individuals they offer a Plan B and C.  


They also offer a basic hospital plan which is a combination of their primary care and hospital plan.  


For individuals their hospital plan is ridiculously affordable. They have a Plan B and a Plan C and these plans are less than R200 a month.  


With Plan B you can have 5 GP consultations during the year, but with Plan C you get unlimited visits within the Unity Health network.  


You also get - 


·         nurse consultations 

·         specialist consultations 

·         acute- and chronic medication 

·         basic and emergency dentistry 

·         optometry, radiology and maternity benefits 

·         Wellness Programme – health screenings, pap smears, PSA screening, vaccination programme and   assistance programme 

·         hospital and emergency care benefits 


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The avoidance of co-payments 


Unity Health has also partnered with ER14 evacuation services which means access to a 24-hour call centre. All Unity Health members get Unity Health membership cards and this avoids upfront co-payments.  


When members visit one of the network providers. In the event of an emergency, private ambulance services will recognise the ER24 logo.  


If you are critically ill or have been involved in an accident you can call the Unity Health call centre and ER24 will offer advice and immediate transportation to the nearest inpatient hospital facility.  

Basic Hospital Plan from an Insurance Company 

You will be admitted for treatment and Unity Health settles the account directly with the hospital, according to your plan.  


With claims, you present your ID number as well as your Unity Health membership card to the health services provider and they submit the claim directly to Unity Health. 


Hospital plans make you feel self-assured 


Despite being wonderfully affordable, hospital plans aren’t suited to everyone and they are essentially for younger, healthier people and those who don’t have children. But these days, the rising cost of medical care has meant that they are more the choice for everyone.  


Hospitalisation benefits for accidents and emergencies are included and these basic plans are simply designed to make South Africans feel self-assured that they have some form of decent medical care when they need it most.  









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