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Best Hospital Plan in South Africa 



Being a member of a medical scheme in South Africa is what everyone would like, but as we head towards 2021, many South Africans are leaving their medical aid plans for the less expensive hospital plans. The best hospital plan in South Africa probably comes from a medical aid. 


Best hospital plan in South Africa - You’re invited to join  


These hospital plans are a lifeline to you as they keep you alive by seeing you don’t land up in a government hospital. You’ve got to do research on these hospital plans though as their premiums vary tremendously.  


Let’s take a look at what Discovery can offer you. It is the biggest open medical scheme in South Africa. It is governed by the Medical Schemes Act and regulated by the Council for Medical Schemes. It is a registered scheme and is open to anybody who wants to join. Apart from their medical aid plans, they also offer hospital plans.  


Private hospitals are open for you  


A hospital plan offered by a registered medical scheme such as Discovery is well worth a look-see, seeing that they cover more than 5 million clients. All their  best plans, of which there are 23 different plan options, have unlimited private hospital cover. 

If you want the best hospital cover with day-to-day benefits included, then you’ll be interested in looking at their Smart Series, which is among the best. With this particular plan you can enjoy going to a private hospital in their Smart Network. Being able to go to the best private hospital is investing in peace of mind. 

Depending on the particular plan you’re on – Classic, Smart or Essential Smart - you’ll pay either R50 or R100 as a co-payment with all your GP consultations. Unlike the Core Series, this Smart Series offers day-to-day cover. This means for instance that you get cover for your GP consultations as well as acute medicine cover for over-the-counter meds. This cover depends on the plan you choose. 

The best and most affordable Core Series 

They also offer their popular Core Series. 

·          The Core Series is a hospital plan only series. The names of these plans are – Classic, Classic Delta, Essential, Essential Delta and Coastal.  

·          You have to study each one because each one offers different benefits.For instance, healthcare professionals are covered at 100 or 200% of the DHR or Discovery Health Rate and you need to know which ones. None of these plans offer day-to-day benefits.  

·          You’re also going to get full cover for chronic medicine when you use MedXpress or a MedXpress network pharmacy. Also, you’re going to get comprehensive pre- and postnatal maternity healthcare services.  

·          When travelling, you’ll also benefit from cover for medical emergencies.  These hospital plans are considered as true value-for-money plans.  

Health care of the future 

The best hospital plan in South Africa for you probably comes from Discovery Health. Hospital plans in South Africa have now become the cover to have because it at least allows you to recover in a decent hospital instead of fretting about passing away in a state hospital.  

These plans from Discovery Health will ensure you don’t have to worry about running up huge bills as they typically also cover anaesthetist and surgeon fees, leaving you with only your recovery to be concerned about. 













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