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Cheap Medical Insurance - Momentum Health4Me - A worthy Alternative to Comprehensive Medical Aid


The first step in solving a health problem is knowing where treatment is coming from and how it will be paid.  Efforts to find good health care may have been hobbled by a lack of clarity about what’s available.  


You can take your pick from getting medical health care from the public system, a private medical aid or health insurance.  


More affordable than a comprehensive medical aid 


Most South Africans are looking at hospital plans now as medical scheme plans have become exorbitantly expensive. At least a hospital plan can keep you out of a government hospital.  


These plans cover you for any medical procedures in a private hospital. You may need a hospital-stay because you were involved in an accident and require emergency treatment or it might mean you’ve become ill and require hospitalisation.   


With some hospital plans, if you need to see a GP or the dentist, these plans won’t cover these day-to-day costs, although there are hospital plans that offer these day-to-day costs as well. 


Premiums in keeping with your salary 


Hospital plans, wherever you get your plan from, will require you paying a monthly premium. Some of these premiums can be worked out in accordance with the salary you earn or it could be a fixed amount.  


Many times, people look at the premiums that a medical aid requests, and they wonder why an insurance company offers a hospital plan for half that amount.  


Everything APPEARS fine 


They will, for instance, look at an insurance company such as Clientele. They see that you can take your pick from two hospital plans – the Standard Plan and the Premium Plan.  


With these plans you can get annual cover of up to R1 million. The cover includes accidental death, accidental disability and dread disease and that there is a maternity benefit thrown in as well as some advanced benefits. 


People may wonder why the medical schemes are charging so much when they can get something reasonable for a fraction of the amount.  


That is precisely why it is so important to do thorough research on these hospital plans. You have to look at- and compare the benefits of what you get from a medical aid and what you get from the insurance company. You will discover that the insurance company’s plans offer far fewer benefits.  


Medical Aids have to cover more 


Medical aids, as opposed to insurance companies, have to provide all members with Prescribed Minimum Benefits or PMBs as they are better known.  


These PMBs cover treatment for 26 of the most commonly occurring chronic illnesses plus many other conditions. Insurance company hospital plans don’t cover these conditions.  


Things have changed recently with health insurance, and products such as hospital cash plans and gap-cover plans are now subject to new regulations and have to operate under similar underlying principles as medical schemes.  


Many of the medical schemes in South Africa offer both medical aid plans as well as hospital plans. Some of the medical schemes in South Africa are - 


·          Fedhealth 

·          Bestmed 

·          Discovery 

·          Bonitas 

·          Medihelp 

·          Momentum Health 

·          Genesis 

·          Medshield... and others 


Even between these medical aids, the premiums for hospital plans differ. As already mentioned, some of these medical aid plans provide in-hospital as well as out-of-hospital cover. This means you’ll be covered for all things a hospital plan covers you for, as well as day-to-day medical care. 


Depending on your plan though, your day-to-day saving, known as your  Medical Savings Account, is limited to a certain point. Some medical schemes offer hospital only plans.  


For many South Africans, looking for cheap medical insurance can yield some worthwhile cover.This is where Momentum’s Health4Me shines. For starters, it isn’t a medical scheme or any kind of substitute for medical scheme membership. It is offered by Momentum Health and provides broad coverage for a truly low premium. 


Momentum was established in 1966 and they are an independent medical scheme. They are registered under the Medical Schemes Act. They are about the 3rd biggest open medical scheme in the country. 


Cheap medical insurance 


With Momentum Health4Me, employers can offer this affordable healthcare cover to employees earning below R30 000 a month. It’s for anyone who is 18 years or older and actively employed. This is seriously cheap medical insurance and it is available to employer groups where there are more than 5 employees. 


The way it works is that employers choose the combination of benefits most suited to their employees' needs and to their budget.  


·          Different packages are offered and while the Bronze option gives you fewer benefits, the Titanium option offers the most comprehensive plan. Members are free to use any doctors and specialists within the network. 


·          You get among other benefits, comprehensive maternity benefits, funeral benefit and accident and emergency cover.  


·          Training and advice are offered to staff on how to make use of their benefits. There will also be a web portal where the company can manage their profile.  


·          Day-to-day benefits are provided by selected healthcare professionals. Major medical event benefits protect against those sudden, costly illnesses such as heart attack and stroke as well as accidents. Major medical event benefits are offered in two packages - Standard option and Base option. 


·          Cheap medical insurance that satisfies your health needs is going to require research on your part. Medical aid plans, hospital plans, health insurance – possibly what matters most these days is that you are covered.  


As your life changes, adjust your cover 


Once you have settled on cover, you have to be alert to premium increases, fewer benefits and also benefits that you don’t need. You also have to be assessing your own needs and adjust your medical care to that.  


You started off possibly as single, you got married, you’ve had children, you no longer have dependents, you may have got divorced, so does your cover still suit you?   


It is up to you to educate yourself on what medical plans are available to you. Medical aid plans across the full spectrum have been designed to suit your pocket and your medical needs.  


In order to join, do research on the different medical aids and choose the most suitable option. Find the medical aid scheme and plan that suits your budget and health needs.  


The challenge is for you to find cheap medical insurance that offers you quality for your money.  







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