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Cheap Plan to Cover Hospital Expenses


Affinity Health believes that every South African is entitled to good crisis intervention in the form of good health care, and yet they aren’t. Without at least some kind of medical cover, medical costs can actually see your declineas you go without the health care you can’t afford.  So you need a cheap plan that's effective. 


No longer can average South Africans afford a comprehensive medical aid plan, but that doesn’t mean you have to go without quality care. Hospital plans are a great, alternative means of health cover.  


Affinity Health has a cheap plan that is well worth looking at. It comes with a good range of benefits too. 


Health Insurance Cheap Plan


Affinity Health is a leading health insurance provider. They want to ensure you have  a cheap plan that offers affordable health cover. What is notable about an Affinity Health Hospital Plan is that you get a wide selection of hospitals and doctors to choose from. You can use any doctors and hospitals you wish. 


  • Affinity Health’s hospital cover is for individuals and families in the event of a medical emergency or severe illness. 

Cheap Plan to Cover South African Families


  • Law requires that 27 chronic conditions which are known as PMBs or Prescribed Minimum Benefits have to be covered by medical plans as well as hospital plans so the Affinity Hospital Plan covers all these conditions. 


  • Affinity offers specialised plans for the elderly as well as for children. 


  • Depending on your needs Affinity offers their Day-to-Day plan, a Hospital Plan but they also have a Combined Plan which gives extra cover. 


  • The Combined Plan provides you with a mix of the benefits available on the Day-to-Day and Hospital Plans. Your overall premium is discounted. 


  • When you stay in hospital, you will normally have to cover costs for every day you stay there. Before you know it you could have a gigantic bill to pay, but with an Affinity Health  Hospital Plan, these costs are covered.  


  • They offer 24/7 emergency medical advice, ambulance services and inter-hospital transfers.  


  • Their Accident Booster is for singles and families. 


  • Dread disease cover. 


  • Casualty roomBenefit and 24/7 EMS 
  • Maternity cover 


  • Sub-Acute hospitalisation and day clinic procedures 


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Affinity Health offers you a cheap hospital plan that comes with a host of different benefits that can give you some kind of peace when you’re in an accident or a dreaded illness.  


The best thing about Affinity hospital plans is that they offer casualty room benefit because often this is left out of other hospital plans. People also appreciate that you can go to any one of the many private hospitals there are instead of having to go to a network hospital.  


The first step towards peace of mind 


An accident or a serious illness can be your wake-up call that its time to invest in a hospital plan. Costs mount up with each passing day during your stay in hospital, and without a hospital plan, you may have to sell your house to pay your hospital bills.  


With a cheap plan from Affinity, you take the first step towards peace of mind. You don’t have to dread not having a place to go when you’re facing an emergency.  Their affordable Hospital Plan gives you access to lots of benefits when you need it. 








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