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Cheapest Hospital Plans in South Africa


South Africa has some excellent private hospitals. You can expect good medical care from these hospitals and every chance of a recovery. With the cheapest hospital plans in South Africa, which you can get from Genesis medical scheme, you can access these hospitals if necessary.  

These days, with comprehensive medical plans being out of the question for most South Africans, cheap hospital plans have become the next best thing.  Genesis has them!

No nighmare scenarios 

Everybody worries about what would happen if they suddenly required hospitalization. They worry that with a state hospital, recovery is slim and they take out a funeral policy before being admitted.

With cheap hospital plans from Genesis Medical Scheme however, you don’t have to consider such a nightmarish scenario.

You’re not restricted to network doctors 

Other hospital plans restrict members to a network of hospitals and doctors, but not Genesis Medical Scheme. Members with a hospital plan from Genesis are free to choose doctors and hospitals that they prefer. Choosing a hospital plan that is cheap but still gives the best possible cover is what Genesis is all about.


The cheapest hospital plans that Genesis Medical Scheme offers you are -


·          Private Choice  

·          Private  


Hospital plans like these two from Genesis Medical Scheme are cheap but they take care of such a lot. They cover emergencies, prescribed minimum benefits (PMBs) as well as medication and care for many different conditions.

Yes, the hospital plans aren’t going to cover those day-to-day medical expenses. You will have to pay for things such as your pain medication. This isn’t going to be too much of a schlep when you consider what all you get from the cheap Private Choice and Private Hospital Plans.  


A top-rated hospital plan 


The Private Choice hospital plan has been rated as the top-performing hospital plan in the open medical scheme market. This was in 1917 but nothing has changed since then except for improvements on the plan. It is amongs the cheapest hospital plans in South Africa.


For such a cheap hospital plan, it covers your hospital stay in any private hospital, and it offers basic dentistry benefits too. When you start looking at these Genesis hospital plans you can safely say that Private Choice offers the most value for the price you pay.


Also, it’s great knowing that these hospital plans come from a reputable medical scheme. Genesis has been around since 1995. They have a solid history of providing their members with exceptional healthcare at very affordable rates. They are rated as one of the most successful open medical schemes in South Africa and certainly offer among the cheapest hospital plans in South Africa


With the hospital plans from Genesis, hospital- and related accounts such as medicines, theatre costs etc. will be covered at 100% or 200% of medical aid rates. As mentioned, Genesis members get excellent dental cover too -basic, and also enhanced dentistry benefits.


Additional services added in 


When you have the cheapest hospital plans in South Africa you don’t expect additional cover, but Genesis members have access to the ER24 Emergency Contact Centre, as well as being able to benefit from transport to any hospital anywhere in South Africa. There is also a 24/7 medical helpline service.


Hospital plans offer cover for in-hospital costs which can be hugely expensive without a hospital plan but Genesis Medical Scheme has stepped up to the plate to ensure you never have to worry about hospital bills when life throws you a curveball. Go for the cheapest hospital plans in South Africa to ensure you have cover.







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