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Clientele Life Health Cover for South Africans 


Essentially, every government should provide good quality healthcare to its citizens as health is after all a human right. But if that’s not happening, then the next best thing is for you to find your own health cover.  


Breakthrough for affordable healthcare 


You can get health cover from a medical scheme in South Africa, but these days, the costs are causing people to look for alternative help. They try a financial services group such as Clientèle Limited Group.  


Clientele is in fact one of South Africa's leading providers of financial services and there are very few people who aren’t familiar with the name Clientele.  


So instead of becoming a member of a registered medical scheme, South Africans are looking at buying healthcare policies from Clientele. These policies will pay a cash benefit when the policyholder is hospitalised. The idea is for the patient to use the money to pay for medical expenses, but they can use the money for anything. 


Clientele Life Health Cover


Medical Aid and Clientele  


The cost of hospitalisation is such that without some kind of plan in place, you could be looking at financial ruin. A policy from Clientele will provide ready cash. What some people do is they belong to a medical aid and they also invest in an insurance policy. A policy from Clientele on top of being on a medical aid plan gives people confidence that they well and truly covered.  


  • Clientele has got some excellent plans to investigate. For starters, they have their Clientele Accident Plan. This plan is meant for accident victims – not just car accidents but all kinds of accidents.
  • The plan is for those who are hospitalized for more than one day. Benefits are paid from your first day in hospital. The cost of intensive care is also covered. If the patient dies, there are funeral benefits too.
  • Their Hospital Cash Back plan’s benefits kicks in from the 3rd day in hospital. This plan also has maternity benefits, ICU treatment and an accidental death benefit. If no claim is made within 5 years, money is refunded to the policy holder.
  • The Premium Hospital Cash Back Plan offers full cover for dread diseases such as cancer.
  • Clientèle Health Event Life Plans - H.E.L.P - has 3 plans – Standard, Ultimate and Premium. Between these plans you can be protecting yourself from the sudden costs that come with being hospitalised.
  • With these plans you can expect a host of useful benefits as well as dread disease cover, Accidental Death Benefit, Maternity Benefit, Accidental Disability Benefit and more.
  • The plans also have enhanced benefits such as 24 hour emergency helpline, trauma counselling as well as emergency flight and ambulance services.  


Everyday economy from Clientele 


There are many offers for health care cover and these range from medical aid- and hospital plans to health insurance. Clientele Life health cover has been offering itsaffordable health cover for more than 20 years already.  


Their affordable monthly premiums for good healthcare has got many people wanting to know more. What’s more, the other good news is that there is no medical examination required to join Clientele.  








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