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Clientele Hospital Plans – Clientele Premium Option


Fortunately, when you’re looking for the right kind of healthcare for your situation and budget, you can always browse plans, many side by side. Then it is just a case of choosing the one that matches your lifestyle and health needs.


Because full medical cover has become an ‘out-of-the-question’ luxury in South Africa, these days, people are investing in the much more affordable hospital plan. Always study the details of your more affordable hospital plan so that you don’t get a shock later on when you’re not covered the way you thought you were.


Who is Clientele? 


Medical Schemes provide these hospital plans and so do insurance companies. Clientele is one of these insurance companies that offer hospital plans. When you look at their excellent hospital plans, you might think you’re dealing with a medical aid, but Clientele is not a medical scheme. 


One thing that the insurance company has been doing right over the years is that they were the first direct marketer of life insurance products in South Africa. Today, they offer other useful products that improve the lives of South Africans. 


Clientele Premium Option Hospital Plans


They’re a credible insurance company that has been providing South Africans with affordable insurance products for 2 decades already. Those looking for hospital plans from Clientele love that they keep things as easy and as simple as possible.  


Health Event Life Plans


For just a small amount each month you can take out Clientele hospital plans. These Health Event Life Plans protect you against costs when the unexpected happens and you need some extra cash in hand.   


Clientele has some excellent plans for hospital stays that resort under their Clientele  H.E.L.P. Plan, and between their Standard-, Ultimate- and Premium plans as well as their Accident Plus plan you’re going to be well prepared for a stint in hospital.  


Clientele Premium Option


We take a look at their Premium Plan to give you an idea of what you can expect.  Both the Standard and Ultimate Plans offer the same sort of cover but the cover is just a little bit less than the Premium Cover. 


  • The plan starts at less than R600 a month  
  • Cover for up to 4 children  
  • You get generous annual cover  
  • You benefit with a generous yearly amount for when you are admitted for 72 hours or more.  
  • You get a cash benefit each day  
  • Maternity benefit  
  • Cover for Dread Disease, Accidental Disability and Accidental Death.   
  • A host of Enhanced Benefits such as their emergency helpline, emergency transport service, trauma counselling and HIV support  


When you look at hospital plans from Clientele you don’t have to have a medical exam.


If a Clientele Hospital Plan appeals to you, you can always go onto the website and click on the appropriate banner for a quote.


When you are hospitalised, you will then need to put in a claim so that it can be assessed. Claims will then be processed when you are discharged from hospital.


Bear in mind that for Clientele’s hospital plans, there are certain waiting periods. For these claims, Clientèle allows you to make use of different methods such as email, SMS, visit the Clientele Head Office or complete the ‘call me back’ form on their website.


Making good choices 


With the Clientele Premium Option you are picking wisely. With this option you can reach your health care goals as well as your budget goals.  







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