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Medical Insurance Companies Are Helping South Africans to Pay for Healthcare


It seldom happens that our lives are free from anxiety and problems. Sometimes things go well for us and then suddenly, without any apparent reason, the unexpected happens and you need help.  


You need a stabilizing influence in your life when you are admitted to hospital. With a sudden illness or injury you need to have a reliable hospital plan from one of the leading companies that allows you a stay in a private hospital. 


When you start investigating companies offering medical insurance, you are taking charge of your family’s health. South Africans are looking at the best medical insurance companies as an alternative to costly comprehensive medical scheme plans. 


Companies bringing you medical relief 


Choosing medical insurance from the top companies is a difficult task. This is because you have to choose plans from either a medical scheme or a medical insurance company. Which one is the better option? The medical scheme hospital plans offer far more benefits.


There are many medical schemes available in South Africa. They all offer unique benefits. You have to look at the benefits as well as the monthly premium to make your decision between insurance companies and medical schemes.


The Top Medical Aid Hospital Plans from Insurance Companies in South Africa

Medical Aid Schemes all offer wonderful hospital plans in South Africa. They provide cover of at least 100% of the scheme rates. Some provide network options while others allow you to use doctors and hospitals of choice.

Luckily there is always a lot of information on these plans that will guide you towards finding the most appropriate plan for yourself.

Discovery Health
Check out their Core Series. You get unlimited private hospital cover and full cover for chronic medicine on their formulary for Chronic Disease List. 


Medihelp Medical Scheme 

This is  one of the top 5 open medical schemes. Their Prime 1 Hospital plan is for those who love the idea of private healthcare at an affordable price. You have the network alternative that can save you  22% in monthly contributions. 


They offer their FlexiFed1 and FlexiFed1 Elect. Their MediVault and Wallet help you manage day-to-day medical bills.


Choose between their Hospital Standard, BonEssential and BonEssential Select 


Health Squared
Their Aspire Plan for instance is suitable for healthy individuals where you can enjoy a hospital stay at a hospital you prefer. In-hospital bills are paid at 100%. 


Momentum Health 
Various hospital plans, from their Ingwe Option which is a cheap, entry-level medical aid option. They also offer far more comprehensive plans. 



Look at their MediCore hospital plan. It offers unlimited in-hospital cover through their network. This particular option has no Day-to-Day benefits and is well suited for healthy individuals. 


Take note -  


·          Remember that closed schemes are for employees of a particular company. On the other hand, anyone can join an open scheme.

·          Some of these plans charge a flat monthly rate regardless of what you earn while others charge you according to your earnings.


All of these medical schemes offer their selection of in-hospital cover. You just have to do research to be clear on the range of options available to you. Compare the major schemes with the offerings of top insurance companies. Between these hospital plans, monthly premiums vary significantly to allow you to have cover at a level that is affordable to you.  







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