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Now more than ever all South African families
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 All South Africans need to compare hospital plans, find the best quote and sign up. Our giant short-term insurance companies supply excellent medical cover. But which one should you choose?


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Compare Hospital Plans in South Africa from Insurers to Hospital Plans from Medical Schemes 


Just like many other broken promises in South Africa, telling South Africans that the delivery of quality health care is a constitutional obligation is a laughing matter. Compare hospital plans in South Africa, pick one and sign up soonest to protect yourself against government healthcare. 


Every now and then there are some changes in efforts to deliver quality care but failure to meet even basic standards of care is the norm in most state hospitals.  


Understand what you’re in for and compare


South Africans don’t have trust in the healthcare system and having hospital plans is as important to them as the air they breathe. You just have to know that there are some important differences between a hospital plans from a medical scheme cover and one which is a health insurance product. You must compare them in order to know.  


You don’t want to end up not having the proper health cover when you need it most. Just for starters, medical schemes and insurance products are governed by different legislation. It is important to compare insurance cover with medical aid options.

Compare Hospital Plans in South Africa


Simplicity is a drawcard 


The appeal of hospital cover from an insurance company, when you compare it to a medical aid hospital plan, is that the insurance products are more hassle-free. You also pay a monthly premium for them.


They’re simpler to understand and are described as ‘insurance made simple’. The plans for an in-hospital stay are ideal for those who can’t afford the expenses of medical aid. The majority of the population can’t afford expensive medical aid and an insurance company can offer an affordable healthcare option such as a hospital plan.


Look at Sanlam Reality plans for instance. They are a lifestyle programme that empowers members of the Sanlam Group to maintain a healthier lifestyle with their useful products.


Be informed on hospital plans 


Sanlam Reality is available to all members of Bonitas Medical Fund, Fedhealth, Barloworld Medical Scheme and Nedgroup Medical Aid Scheme. Members of Sanlam Reality can enjoy special offers on selected Sanlam products and have access to valuable information.


Sanlam Reality provides lots of useful information on how to choose a hospital plan. Medical aid covers both in-hospital and day-to-day medical costs as well as many other benefits. The hospital plan from an insurance company has less features and is less costly.


A hospital plan is therefore what many South Africans are looking at these days in such uncertain times. However, if you have a chronic illness for instance, a hospital plan won’t offer sufficient cover.


A hospital plan offered by an insurance company such as Sanlam can be in the form of a hospital cash-back plan. This is where you are paid out a lump sum for time spent in hospital. They are actually a top-up for your other health insurance, and aren’t designed to be your primary medical cover. 


It is said that some healthcare providers may not want to treat you even if this is the only cover you have.  


The choice is yours 


On the other hand, a hospital plan from a medical aid is a sure ticket to good treatment. Such a plan is obliged to cover your hospital costs and some of the particularly good ones come with additional cover too. Be sure to compare plans acrosst he board.


The choice of medical cover is up to your circumstances. Compare hospital plans in South Africa and decide. Because of the soaring price of healthcare, a hospital plan from an insurance company is far more worthwhile alternative than no cover at all.










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