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Cost of the best health cover in South Africa



There was a time when South Africans found choosing health care simple. You chose an appropriate medical aid plan from a leading, registered medical scheme. But now it takes effort to find out the cost of the best health cover in South Africa. We can help!


In 2020 things have changed. Life has become unbearably expensive and a hospital plan has now become the in-thing to consider for your healthcare needs.  


Take charge of your medical cares 


Medical aid hospital plans are still a big investment to make. It therefore requires careful research. The cost of the best hospital plans in South Africa is designed to make it possible for you to have cheaper but excellent in-hospital medical care.  


By deciding on a hospital plan over a medical aid, you’ll already be making a substantial saving.  


A medical aid hospital plan can help pay for those medical costs that come about from a stint in hospital. Not every hospital plan is the same, as some offer more benefits and some have more co-payments, so you have to do research to find the hospital plan that suits you. 

Cost of the Best Health Cover in South Africa


Stay ahead in the medical care stakes 


You simply have to check out Genesis Medical Scheme hospital plans. After all, a hospital plan from Genesis that has been rated as one of the best hospital plans in South Africa is worth checking out. With plans like these, you’re always ahead in the medical care stakes. 


Members of this medical scheme can choose between two hospital plans - Private Choice and Private. On the Genesis website you can compare these two plans side by side. You’ll notice between the two hospital plans, doctors are reimbursed at costs up to 200% of the medical aid rate.  


Backed by a leading medical scheme


These hospital plans come from Genesis – a leading medical scheme in South Africa. Their aim is to provide South Africans with access to exceptional healthcare benefits and at affordable rates. You’ll see that the Private option is the more expensive one.


Both the hospital plans have generous basic dentistry cover. Another advantage with these plans is that you don’t have to use doctors and private hospitals from a network. You can make use of any medical staff and medical facilities that you prefer.


Both plans come with -



·         General practitioner and medical specialists

·         Ward fees

·         Psychiatric treatment

·         Internal and External medical/surgical appliances and prosthetics

·         Pathology services

·         Xrays

·         MRI & CT scans

·         Pain Relief

·         Physiotherapy

·         Maxillofacial surgery

·         Dental

·         Blood transfusion

·         Haemodialysis

·         Medicines used in hospital

·         Surgical procedures in doctor’s rooms

·         Some cosmetic surgery

·         Treatment for impotence

·         PMBs





Cover at Genesis is about freedom of choice. The medical scheme provides you with a rates calculator so you can work out precisely what your monthly contributions are going to be. You can also call Genesis or email them for assistance.


Cost of the best hospital plans includes having access to the ER24 Emergency Contact Centre of Genesis. This is for those medical emergencies that also include evacuation and transport in South Africa. There is also their 24/7 medical helpline service. 

Cheap but not inferior 

Cost of the best health cover in South Africa needn’t break the bank, and Genesis Medical Aid has made sure its members understand that cheap never means inferior







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