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Discovery Prepaid Health Cover is an exciting Innovation

Discovery Prepaid Health is a fascinating and exciting concept for every South African who wants access to good medical care. The cover works through voucher buying.

You get a R300 GP consultation voucher complete with medicine to treat your illness for 5 to 7 days.

You buy the vouchers and then redeem them for private healthcare services at a very fair, competitive rate. There is also no limit to the number of vouchers you can buy. That means you can actually reserve funds in your prepaid balance to use when you need it in the future.


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Make use of network doctors

You can redeem the vouchers at any GP that is found on the Discovery Prepaid Health Network. The question is, why Prepaid? Are the benefits worth it? Yes, very much so because now anyone living in South Africa who doesn’t belong to a medical aid can have access to quality private healthcare.

You have access to a broad network of skilled, experienced healthcare providers in an area near you. You simply redeem your voucher on the day you see your doctor What is more, these vouchers are available to buy at more than 350 000 retail outlets countrywide.

No need to be a member of a medical scheme

What is more, you don’t have to belong to a medical scheme to access Discovery Prepaid Health. You can use the platform for any of the health services available at Discovery Prepaid Health.

If you aren’t a member of Discovery, you can still have access to this awesome healthcare opportunity. You can login to the web-based app at discovery.co.za, making use of your user-name and password.

When you register, you’ll need to give -

• your name and surname
• your ID number
• your cell phone number
• your email address

As already mentioned, anyone can register by sending a whatsapp message to 0800 337846. There will be terms and conditions to agree to.

Easy access to the vouchers

You could say it works a bit like airtime. You can buy a BLU or 1ForYou voucher at one of these many retail stores or at a petrol station. You load it using whatsapp 0800337846. You can also buy your voucher by using your debit- or credit card by means of the Prepaid app.

You can use this Discovery Prepaid Health amount for a GP or medicine voucher. If you think that this is all it is, more voucher options are coming soon in 2021. These include the likes of online GP and meds, a pharmacy pack and pharmacy clinic and meds.

No registration fees and free usage of platform

The actual Discovery Prepaid Health Platform is totally free to use and there are no registration fees. The beauty about these vouchers is that they make a brilliant gift for someone who could use some good medical care.

To use the vouchers, you upload them to the Prepaid Health platform. Once it is uploaded you redeem the voucher value at the doctor in the network. 

These are primary healthcare consultation vouchers

You aren’t able to use the vouchers for emergency treatments at a hospital. The vouchers are for primary healthcare consultations and medicine only.

Nonetheless this is good news for people who are without a healthcare plan but who can now have access to a private doctor and medicines. Having access to good primary healthcare can help steer one away from a date in hospital.







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