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Elixi Health Insurance Offers Affordable Hospital Plans 



The cost of a comprehensive medical aid is continuously rising and many people have opted to scale down to a hospital plan.  

Those with young families should be particularly careful about doing this though. They need to research these hospital plans to make sure of what they cover before committing to them.  

The lower premiums are the drawcard 

The lower premiums of a hospital plan are the most appealing drawcard of course. When the plan comes from an insurance company and not a medical scheme, then it’s always cheaper. Then again, the benefits may be more limited. Still, they are an awesome alternative when you can no longer afford a medical aid plan.


Elixi Health provides the inspiration 

Elixi Health offers these affordable hospital plans. They are a division of Talksure, who are an authorised Financial Services Provider.  

Talksure knew that South Africans wanted some form of medical care plan and Elixi came about. The idea was to ensure South Africans can access quality health care that is affordable and accessible.

Elixi tells you that you can get covered with medical insurance for less than 15 bucks a day. With such affordability, you still get unlimited visits at a Unity Health Network GP, acute medication, nurse consultations at some pharmacy clinics and much, much more.

Elixi isn’t a medical scheme, but they offer some amazingly affordable hospital plans that you will want to check out.

They offer -

◼   Elixi Health Blue Plan 

◼   Elixi Health Purple Plan 

◼   Elixi Health Gold Plan 

◼   Elixi Health Black Plan  

The whole idea with Elixi Health is to be able to have worthwhile medical care. They provide plans that focus on day-to-day healthcare, while also looking to reduce the costs of long-term health care.  

Between these health insurance plans, you can be assured of affordable cover for in-hospital and out-of-hospital treatments when you use certain network providers.

·         With Elixi’s Black and Gold plans, you get a cool dentistry benefit available to you at a Unity Health Network Dentist and which includes emergency services.

·         The Gold and Black plans are the more comprehensive of the four and these two plans give you access to an optometry benefit – an eye test each year.

·         Between these plans, there is also a Pre-Birth Maternity benefit where you have access to a number of gynecologist visits as well as ultrasound scans per year. The amount will depend on the plan you have.

·         If you’ve been in an accident recently and need the services of a physio or occupational therapist, then between the different hospital plans you’ll be able to include 3 months of physio- and occupational therapy once you’ve been discharged.

·         Elixi Health hospital plans come with a host of value-added services too, some of which are the useful 24-hour Network GP helpline. This is staffed by medical professionals.

·         Another service is their Legal Assistance and 30 Minute Free Consultations by qualified legal advisors and their Funeral and Personal Accident Cover. 

·         For claiming, it’s a case of presenting your Unity Health membership card and ID to the health care provider who will then submits the claim to Elixi.  

With so much on offer with these affordable hospital plans, why not call one of their skilled agents? They’re standing by to help you choose the best plan to suit your health needs and your pocket.  







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