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A Good Hospital Plan for South African Families


Health care is so essential for tiny infants, toddlers and children, that it is quite safe to say that without a good medical plan for families you shouldn’t risk bringing children into the world. 


Teenagers also have health care responsibilities. It doesn’t matter how young and healthy you all are as a family because at some time or other one of you in the family is going to require serious medical attention. 


Know the facts of a good family hospital plan


It's a harsh fact: families suffer dread disease or are involved in serious accidents. We take a look at a good hospital plan that suits South African families.


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Hospital plans are the ideal choice for those who may not be able to afford comprehensive medical cover.  

Not only do you have control over your medical expenses, you have the security of knowing that you have good medical help for families in a private hospital in case of an emergency. 

The Essence Hospital Plan
 for families

KeyHealth offers several medical aid plans and a hospital plan for families. That means considering the details of each before making up your mind.

·    At KeyHealth they have a fantastic hospital plan for families – the Essence package.  

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·    This hospital plan provides full cover to 100% of an agreed fee once you are hospitalised. It is a good choice for anyone on a tight budget but who wants to know that in any medical emergency, they have a plan. 

·    All costs for treatment at Netcare or Life Healthcare hospitals which form part of the DSP hospital network, will be paid in full. You can use another hospital if you wish but then there will be a 30% co-payment. As it is, all hospital procedures will need to be pre-authorised before you can be admitted.   

·    Some people add Health Booster to the Essence package which is useful for promoting preventative care and treatment.  

·    Additional free benefits are Easy-ER and Smart Baby Programme. This particular programme makes pregnancy that much easier as it comes with some fantastic maternity benefits. Some of the benefits on the programme include a benefit that covers co-payments. For new mothers, there is a useful handbook written by a child expert.  

·    Included in this KeyHealth Hospital Plan is intensive care and theatre fees. There will however, be a co-payment required for some procedures. 

·    The Essence plan also provides psychiatric treatment as well as unlimited blood transfusion coverage. 

·    Oncology cover 

·    Prescribed Minimum Benefits (PMB). The emergency medical conditions allowed for including 25 chronic conditions are covered. 

·    Pathology, radiology and prosthetics are covered – there are limitations to look out for 

·    Claims can be submitted via email or fax. Claiming from KeyHealth Medical is a simple procedure. 


You can be well covered 



You never have to be in doubt as to which cover to have. KeyHealth has consultants that can be consulted to explain anything you want answers for.  


Not only does the Essence Hospital Plan give you unbeatable value for money, you also benefit from a host of other features by simply belonging to a good medical scheme for families.  










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