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Genesis hospital plans in combine the affordability of basic cover with the guarantees of a registered medical scheme!

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The Genius of Genesis Health’s Two Hospital Plans: Private Choice and Private


You have to understand hospital plans as they’re not all the same. Some people get upset because they believed that their hospital plan would cover a trip to the emergency room or casualty, but it doesn’t. 


So essentially, being admitted to hospital is different to being treated in casualty. True, some hospital plans may well provide for some consultations at medical practices, which means that your casualty visit may be covered. You therefore need to understand your benefits for clarification of your hospital plan. You’ll also need to check what post-hospitalisation benefits you receive.  


Top hospital plans everyone is interested in 


Genesis Medical Scheme offers you two hospital plans –  


  • Private Choice 
  • Private 


Genesis is a leading medical scheme that has been providing affordable medical aid cover since 1995. They know that in 2020, South Africans are facing difficult financial times. They are looking at hospital plans as a far more affordable option than a comprehensive medical plan.  


A value-for-money medical scheme 


With benefit options ranging from their two affordable hospital plans to more comprehensive medical aid cover, Genesis offers their members more value for money and better services than most other South African medical aid schemes. 


This is also because Genesis is one of the few open medical schemes that is self-administered and that means it has some of the lowest administration costs in the market. 

All members of Genesis have the freedom and luxury to choose their preferred doctor and hospital. Members aren’t made to look for a doctor in a network.  

An affordable, sought after hospital plan 


As already mentioned, Genesis offers two hospital plans.  Of the two, it is their Private Choice hospital plan that has been rated as the top-performing hospital plan in the open medical scheme market.  


Genesis Hospital Plans Private and Private ChoiceIt pays 100% of the Genesis medical aid rate for hospital procedures. The Private Plan pays 200%. In 2020, the monthly premium is still below the R1 500 mark, making it a true value for money hybrid hospital plan. 


The plan covers your hospital stay in a private hospital, but unlike other hospital plans, it also offers basic dentistry.  


Genesis has made it possible for you to compare the two hospital plans side by side. 


Both plans cover among others - 


  • psychiatric treatment 
  • ward fees 
  • pathology services 
  • x-rays 
  • MRI & CT scans 
  • blood transfusion  
  • major medical illness cover 
  • chronic cover 
  • out-of-hospital cover ..and much more.  


Both plans need to be compared side by side to get the full scope of what’s on offer. Genesis hospital plans will cover you in hospital for planned and emergency hospital admissions. It will be a relief knowing that your hospital bills will be taken care of.  


For checking out the hospital plans side by side as well as checking out other important information that can sway your choice, the Genesis app can be downloaded to your personal smartphone. Having it allows you to keep up to date with all the latest news on Genesis, on your personal hospital plan, claims and other details. 


Shouldn’t you take a look? 


GTC Healthcare is a financial services organisation and it has endorsed Genesis’ offerings, saying that this amazing scheme truly offers some of the best value-for-money hospital plan benefits there are.  








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