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Now, more than ever, all South African families
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 All South Africans need medical cover IN ADDITION to their medical scheme membership. Our giant short-term insurance companies supply excellent medical cover.  But which one should you choose?


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Medical Insurance from a Top South African Insurer 



Medical services from a medical scheme are massively expensive. It has simply meant that many South Africans are looking with new interest at medical insurance like GetSavvi. 


Certainly, having health insurance will be immensely useful in times of medical emergencies. So many people who don’t have medical insurance have to make use of funds from their savings. Many ill people simply go without treatment and their lives are shortened as a result.  But it's so easy with GetSavvi.


Matching an option to your needs 


Insurers offer a wide range of medical insurance policies with many features to choose from. There are many options available, This means that the policyholder can match the insurance to their needs. This is precisely what people find at GetSavvi Health.

It is important to do research and get to know the different aspects of insurance products offered by GetSavvi. Having a health insurance policy is an important part of financial planning, and GetSavvi Health is certainly worth investigating.


GetSavvi Medical Insurance is for All South Africans

About GetSavvi Health 


GetSavvi Health is a leading medical insurance company offering a range of quality services in health care.  Apart from providing their clients with a host of health benefits at affordable prices, they offer a wide range of health care programmes and information. 

Their aim is to help ordinary South Africans secure an alternative way to access good healthcare without having to pay the massive premiums they are accustomed to with medical aid. 

GetSavvi Health, therefore, wants to provide premium quality healthcare.  As a leading health plan provider, they have health plans such as - 

  • Get Care Plan
  • Primary Care Plan  
  • Primary Care Plan+  

Between these plans, you’ll find cover for hospitalisation, maternity benefits, unlimited GP visits, diagnostic tests and even a funeral plan.

Benefits and plans to weather the storms of life

Some of the noteworthy facts with signing up with GetSavvi Health is that -

  1. You don’t have to undergo any medical examinations.
  2. There are no joining fees.  
  3. You can be covered in less than 10 minutes.  
  4. You, your spouse and your children can all be covered.   

The GetSavvi Primary Care Plan+ is no doubt one of their popular plans as it includes a number of useful benefits such as hospital cover as well as having accidental death cover. With all this plan offers, one would think you would pay a small fortune, when in fact, the cover is less than R1000 a month.


Value-added benefits from GetSavvi


Apart from their amazing medical care plans, you also get a host of value-added benefits, providing you and your family with other options and services. One of these is their FeelBetterFast benefit.  


What a pleasure it can be to get medical assistance so smartly. You can get your blood pressure tested or your cholesterol, have an annual flu vaccination, get treated for a list of minor ailments. This particular benefit provides access to professional care at your network pharmacy.  


GetSavvi also has the 27/ health advisor benefit as well as their discount coupons where you are able to cut your grocery expenses as well as non-medical pharmacy costs by a significant amount.  


Medical care plans from GetSavvi aren’t a grudge purchase 


When times are tough, you may well be tempted to cancel your medical aid plans. With medical care plans from GetSavvi Health, you can enjoy cheaper health benefits to keep you from landing in medical trouble. 







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