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 All South Africans need health cover. Our magnificent short-term health  insurance companies are well known for health insurance plans. Among them are Sanlam, Old Mutual, Clientele and OnePlan. But which one should you choose? WE ARE HERE TO HELP!


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It South Africa has some excellent medical schemes. Belonging to one ensures excellent medical car in a private hospital. It does come at a high price though. It is therefore important that without medical aid, one opts for health insurance from one of our leading health insurance companies. This is so you can access good quality medical care. These health insurance companies offer protection against high medical costs.  


Bloom is one of those health insurance companies that can help South Africans get health cover. Heath insurance from Bloom is all about improving the lives of customers. John Kruger and Tony Taylor wanted to provide South Africans with affordable private healthcare and so Bloom was launched in March 2020.  


Go For Health Insurance from Bloom Among the Leading Health Insurance Companies 

Better healthcare with the right partners 


The name ‘Bloom’ represents growth through health. John Kruger believes that improving the lives of South Africans can’t be achieved unless it is done with the right partners. In this case, the partner is Momentum.  


Their Health4Me is an affordable healthcare solution for individuals as well as families. You’ll get a Health4Me membership certificate and card. All the benefits unique to you will be listed for you there. 


A whole lot of health benefits for you  


You will find health insurance options that are affordable as they are priced below R500.  You can take your pick from 3 options – 


  • the Bronze plan  
  • the Graphite plan  
  • the Titanium plan.  


The Bronze plan is their entry-level option and it brings you high quality, competitively priced private healthcare. You can go onto the Bloom website and compare all 3 plans side by side. It is this Titanium plan which is the ultimate choice as it covers all the benefits of both the other plans. 


Lots of health perks from health insurance companies added in 


You can also choose hospital cover for the likes of emergencies and accidents. These sorts of plans are slightly more costly. Bloom knows that dental hygiene is important for healthy living and you can get dental health insurance cover with Bloom Financial Services.  


With Bloom, you can enjoy lots of little health perks - 


  • You can get a yearly health assessment at any Dis-Chem, Pick ‘n Pay pharmacy clinic, MediRite or Clicks. It means finding out if your blood sugar, blood pressure and cholesterol are all good.  


  • You can also find out about their maternity health coverage. They offer unique cover for women, simply because women are more likely to be diagnosed with certain diseases than men. This means Bloom offers comprehensive health insurance for women together with Momentum’s Health4Me.   



  • Also, Bloom’s health insurance packages give you just that much more and you can have access to More4Me as well. This is a benefit that rewards you with up to 1GB data as well as R80 airtime every month, just for staying healthy.  


Tax rebates for certain medical expenses

Another aspect worth looking at is that Bloom draws your attention to tax rebates. There are many South Africans who aren’t even aware that they actually qualify for tax rebates for certain medical expenses.  


Bloom offers a MediTax product that assists customers with claiming amounts back from SARS.  Bloom’s MediTax consultants will submit your annual tax return at no extra charge, even if you don’t have qualifying medical expenses for the tax period.  


Don’t let medical care stress be a factor for you in South Africa. As a Bloom member, you can have access to great health insurance benefits that will help you in your time of need. 









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