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The cost of getting medical treatment in South Africa can be very high, even for the smallest of procedures. To manage these costs, it only makes sense to become a member of a medical aid scheme. Yet, surprisingly, less than 20 percent of South Africans have medical aid cover. This could be partly because they are unable to find a medical aid plan within their reach that adequately covers them. Imagine a scenario when you, or a member of your immediate family suffers a medical emergency, and you don’t have enough in your savings to cater for half the medical bills. With medical aid, you will simply need to make a claim on your policy.  


Many medical aid options at Hippo 


There are numerous providers in the country, each with a bouquet of plans for different needs and budgets. Choosing the right plan can prove a challenge. This is where Hippo steps in. They will help you source for medical aid quotes and easily compare the offerings of different providers. Hippo has access to the database of medical aid plans of some of the country’s leading providers. They can therefore be able to provide you with the medical aid information you need in a matter of minutes. 


Hippo will help you find quotes regardless of the stage of life you are; whether you’re a student, mother to be or worker with a young family, Hippo will help you get a suitable plan. Here are some considerations you need to bear in mind as you seek for cover under the different categories.   





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Students medical aid: When children attain the age of 18, or 21, depending on the policy, they become ineligible for medical cover as dependents of their parents. At this point they likely also will not have secured employment and so they may not be able to sustain a comprehensive health cover. Hippo can help you get an affordable student’s cover if you’re a college or university student. 


Such a cover will mainly provide cover for in-hospital expenses and not have day-to-day benefits. A hospital plan would be a better option for students as it is much more affordable than comprehensive medical aid. Since they are at an age when they’re less vulnerable to most medical conditions, having just a hospital plan makes sense. 


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Maternity cover: As an expectant mother, you will require prenatal health checks and medication. You will also need to be hospitalised during the period of childbirth and the new born child will require immunisation among other kinds of medication and treatment. If you’re about to start a family, you will be wise to take up a medical plan with comprehensive maternity cover. This will especially be useful if you have to undergo a Caesarean section delivery. 


Pensioner medical cover: If you are above the government-stipulated working age, you may have your pension as your only source of income. This may be a fraction of what was your salary. You may not be able to afford the kind of cover you had while in employment. On the other hand, health complications related to age will likely increase your medical expenses. While you may be eligible for medical cover, the premiums will be higher than for younger scheme members. Hippo will come in handy in helping you identify comprehensive medical cover within your budget.  









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