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Medical Insurance in South Africa for Those Unexpected Health Episodes 



Imagine being told you have cancer or heart disease with high blood pressure. Imagine your doctor telling you that your conditions can also lead to diabetes. Just imagine being told all this and not having any medical insurance in place to help you?  


Many people simply die by the wayside as they never had the financial means to take care of those unexpected health episodes. 


A change of season – new healthcare needs 


These unexpected health events can change your circumstances and your life. No-one knows when they are going to happen as they are totally unplanned. Examples are having a car accident, having an allergy attack or even having an unexpected death. That's why you need medical insurance in South Africa.


You can control your health up to a point. Nothing can prepare a seemingly healthy person with the news that they now have a serious dread disease. If the illness is more severe, it could even lead to impairment. Then you may need additional medical insurance to pay for assistance to help you with the emotional effects of the illness.  


Medical Insurance in South Africa Can be Cheap


Youth doesn’t exempt you from unexpected health episodes 


Many people have the perception that these diseases are destined for the elderly, but in the meantime many young South Africans under the age of 40 are showing signs of them. 


There has most certainly been an increase in recent years in high cholesterol, heart disease, cancer and diabetes in the under 35s. Sometimes urgent steps have to be taken to treat it to ensure you reach your middle years and beyond. 


And they need medical insurance in South Africa for accidents, which can happen to anyone.


Episodic have your health matters covered 


A financial solution provider such as Episodic understands your financial and wellness needs. They understand how traumatic a dread disease can be and what major treatment you may require. That's why they offer medical insurance.


There is the Illness Hospitalisation benefit, but this isn’t enough to cover these events. For extra cover, you will need to choose the Dread Disease benefit.  


With this medical insurance in South Africa you get 8 specified conditions and payment is according to SCIDEP staging. SCIDEP stands for the Standardised Critical Illness Definitions Project, showing when critical illness benefits will pay. Companies always look at the SCIDEP definitions when they assess a claim.  


With dread disease and critical illness medical insurance, Episodic hascreated options for the different seasons or stages of your life. 


  • They work with products that are flexible to your changing needs.  
  • They offer relief for accident and emergency events.  They will cover any in-hospital costs where you are in hospital for 24 hours or longer.  
  • The benefit will also cover recurring events related to the accident for 12 months after the event. 
  • No hospital network is applied and emergency services are included 24/7. 
  • You can choose 3 levels of cover – Level 1, Level 2 and Level 3.  
  • Cover is available immediately too as there are no waiting periods.  


Serious accidents result in immediate hospitalisation and with this health insurance, pre-authorisation isn’t practical, but you will need to inform them within 24 hours of being admitted for the benefit to apply.  


Cover to suit your specific needs 


Episodic Health medical insurance has unique flexible cover options to suit you and your budget. Their amazing insurance products cover 4 important areas – day-to-day cover for all those out-of-hospital expenses, unexpected events such as accidents and emergencies, hospital treatment in private hospitals and funeral cover as well.  


There is nothing like a health insurance plan to give your mind and body a boost. The Episodic team has come up with levels of medical cover that are bound to have a calming effect on you just knowing that insurance is available for unexpected health events.  






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