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Medical Insurance from Medicross – Insurance Medicals  


Which health-cover option suits you? Where do you go when you want good medical care? South Africans are lucky to have some varied products and facilities available to them, and Medicross medical insurance is one of these. 


Medicross medical insurance is part of the Netcare Limited group, which operates many facilities in South Africa. Their focus is to provide people who come to them with the best and safest patient care. 


Medicross offers a host of useful services to patients - 


  • day surgery  
  • pathology  
  • radiology  
  • specialist consultations  
  • pharmacy services  
  • dental services  
  • insurance medicals ...and others.   


These insurance medicals are a useful service offered by Medicross. You can always do research and find a Medicross near to where you live. They save you having to go to a hospital to have the medical exam done there. 


Everything close by  


At a Medicross close to you they have fast turnaround times in their modern facilities. They are equipped with all the latest medical equipment to do accurate testing. For your insurance medicals, they also conveniently have a pathology department. They test blood samples. A blood sample is part of insurance medicals. 


The medical is important for your insurance company because they want to see what your medical history looks like. They want to know about any underlying medical conditions you may have.    


Some people who come to Medicross don’t even know that they have diabetes for instance, and this can be picked up with the medical exam. Medicross also needs to know about your alcohol, nicotine or drug use.  


Medicross Medical InsuranceUseful information for the insurance company 


At Medicross your medical insurance exam will be performed by one of the capable and qualified nurses. The information that the nurse gleans from the insurance medical will be used to determine if you will be accepted for your insurance policy. It will also give the insurance company an idea of what your monthly- or annual premium will be. 


At Medicross, your medical insurance will usually consist of some questions that you will answer verbally. Then there is the actual physical exam where you will be required to give a sample of blood and urine. The entire medical exam doesn’t take much longer than 20 minutes. It will reveal to the insurance company how much risk they are taking on when they sign you up with them. 


Once Medicross has completed your medical insurance tests, there’ll be a waiting period before you are notified of the results. If you’re denied your insurance based on the results of your medical exam, you’ll need to find out why. You can request a copy of the test results from Medicross.  


A host of convenient medical services right near you 


Medicross is great for attending to all your medical issues. They also have their handy telehealth system, enabling you to consult your doctor telephonically or even via a video call.  


This is fantastic if you can’t get to a doctor for whatever reason. You just have to remember that it is for minor ailments, and you can’t expect to have your insurance medicals done this way.  


You will need to visit your doctor at Medicross medical insurance facility for an insurance medical consultation. You can however, book your appointment to see a nurse or doctor making use of their online booking system. 







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