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Momentum Health Insurance 


Having health insurance ensures you can get the medical care you need. It is safe to say that having health insurance can contribute to you living a longer, healthier life. Having diabetes for instance and not getting the medical help you need can make you seriously ill.


Health insurance – no chance for conditions to worsen 


If you have health insurance, you can instead go to the doctor and avoid having an existing condition become worse. Where one gets this health insurance has to be considered carefully. You don’t want to pay too much, and yet you want quality care.


Many South Africans like to look at Momentum Health as a worthwhile possibility for health insurance, for many good reasons -


  • Momentum Health is one of South Africa’s top 3 open medical schemes.  


  • Momentum Health have received a number of prestigious awards for their products and services and their commitment to delivering excellence to their clients.   


  • They offer plans for their individual and corporate clients.  


  • They offer affordable, tailor-made health care solutions for employers and employees. 

    Momentum Health Insurance in South Africa - Get a Quote

    • Their Health4Me is a health insurance solution that offers employer groups healthcare cover for their workers earning less than R30 000 per month.  


    • They provide psychological counselling and wellness services for employers and employees.   


    • Their Multiply for Corporates is a rewards programme for businesses to take care of the well-being of employees.  


    • For individuals, Momentum Health offers many plans to suit your healthcare needs and your budget – Evolve Option, Custom Option, Incentive Option, Extender Option, Summit Option, Ingwe Option.  


    • Their Summit Option is the most extensive cover. It is for families that want extensive hospital cover as well as day-to-day and chronic benefits, from a provider of their choice. 

    • The Custom Option is a popular middle of the road plan and provides private hospital cover. There isn’t an overall annual limit. However, you can choose to use State facilities to get the maximum contribution discount. 

    • The Ingwe Option is the most affordable. In spite of it being so affordable, it still provides provides affordable access to entry-level cover for hospitalisation with no overall annual limit plus quite a bit more.  


    • Select at least 2 medical aid options so that you can compare cover and check how costs and benefits compare.   


    • Use the premium calculator tool to work out your medical aid quote online.  


    • It doesn’t matter which plan you belong to as Momentum Health offers all members their Hello Doctor service. If you just want to talk to a qualified doctor, this service is free from your cell phone any time you like.  


    • Download the Momentum App and benefit from convenient access to to all your Momentum products and services, allowing you to also submit claims.  


    Good reasons to insist on Momentum 


    With Momentum Medical Scheme, because they have award-winning plans, you simply can’t go wrong and you can also earn a good sum of money in rewards. 


    With so many amazing convenient features, it’s no wonder that so many South Africans recognize the important differences between Momentum Health insurance and other medical schemes. 







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