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Best Non-Medical Aid Hospital Plans in South Africa




COVID-19 has seen many people losing their jobs or earning less. Most can no longer afford the exorbitant cost of medical aid and they’re looking at health insurance with new interest. Certainly, when you compare the best non-medical aid hospital plans such as those from OnePlan with medical aid plans, the health insurance hospital plans are more simple, more affordable, and more appropriate for cash-strapped South Africans.  Finding the best hospital plan is now on the list of many. 

We will all face a stint in hospital 

A stint in hospital is something we will all face at some time. When you don’t have a hospital plan how will you pay for your time in hospital? Do you know how terriblyexpensive a couple of days in hospital can be?  

Hospital cover can at least help you out financially and OnePlan Health Insurance, launched in 2010, has got health cover for you that takes care of those unforeseen events in hospital. 

This cover from OnePlan falls under the Short Term Insurance Act. This means that you can be assured that your premiums will be calculated in accordance with the guidelines of the Act.

OnePlan is the Best Non-Medical Aid Health Cover


Some of the benefits of OnePlan Health insurance - 

·          There is an app that allows you to check out your hospital plan and claims, as well as chat with the OnePlan team – all with the Oneplan App.  

·          The hospital plan includes personal accident risk cover. 

·          Many people use the plan in conjunction with medical aid to cover any shortfall. 

·          OnePlan’s Hospital and Healthcare Plans are available at affordable prices, with products starting at less than R450 a month. 

·          Their plans include Core, Blue, Professional, and Executive. 

·          Hospital plan for pets. Cover your furry friends for less than R200 a month. 

·          You don’t have to toss and turn between the plans for humans and for pets as you can look and compare them all together on one page.  

·          The One Plan Executive Hospital plan is something very popular with South Africans as members get to enjoy comprehensive cover. It is for those members who want to be assured of high-quality health care. 

 ·          Among other useful features, the plan also offers Accident Cover, Illness-in-Hospital cover as well as Dread Disease Cover. Included further in this plan is Accident Disability, Family Death Cover as well as Trauma, Assault and Accidental HIV protection services. 

·          Each of OnePlans’s cover also comes with Ambulance and Emergency Services. You get 24 hr Medical assistance with an emergency dedicated line. 

The main difference between a non-medical hospital plan and one from a medical aid is that the medical aid covers a lot more really – some of which you wouldn’t even use. On the other hand, a simple hospital plan only covers your expenses while you are in hospital. 

Time to re-look your health cover 

A hospital plan from OnePlan is a financial product, and while there are some things that you may not like – such as being refuse cover if you are seen to be too much of a risk – the low premiums make up for that and can be the solution you need in these chaotic times we are living in. 








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