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Pacific Prime Health Insurance   



With more than 15 years of experience in insurance, Pacific Prime can be considered a global leader. Though headquartered in Hong Kong, Pacific Prime strives to offer localised products in the regions it operates. They have consultants stationed in different parts of the world to provide fully compliant products. They partner with world leaders in the industry, including Allianz Care and AXA Insurance. You can therefore be confident in their ability to offer a range of relevant health insurance products. Whether you need international or local health insurance, Pacific Prime has you covered. 


International Health Insurance 


If you’re looking to relocate to South Africa, consider taking up an international health insurance plan from Pacific Prime. Such a plan will ensure you will be able to access quality healthcare affordably. Pacific’s partnership with many providers globally means you will have a wide range of plans to choose from.


Pacific Prime Health InsuranceTheir expert advisors will lead you to a locally compliant product that suits your needs and budget. And if it doesn’t exactly suit you, the product can be modified. Besides helping you get the right plan, Pacific Prime will help you when it comes to claims or renewals.


Maternity insurance 

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You can choose from a range of maternity plans to ensure you get adequate cover at this vital time. A waiting period of about a year may be required before this policy becomes active. It is therefore wise to take up this policy as soon as possible if you have an intention of starting a family. The Pacific Prime maternity insurance includes the below benefits:

·         Normal and Caesarian section delivery costs. Note that the Caesarian section has to be prescribed, not elective.

·         Midwife costs for home delivery.

·         Pre and post-natal scans, tests and treatment.

Pacific Prime gives you the option of paying healthcare providers directly on your behalf. This will help if you wish to avoid the headache and expense of paying and then seeking reimbursement. 


Pre-existing condition insurance 


When applying for health insurance, you will be asked about your medical history. During this time you will declare if you have a pre-existing medical condition. In this case you will have three options on how best it can be factored into your policy.


1.       A waiting period, or moratorium, may be imposed specifically for the condition. If, after the period, the condition doesn’t recur, it may be included in your health insurance plan.

2.      Treatment for the condition is loaded onto your plan. In this case your contributions will be slightly higher. But in the event you require treatment for the condition, you will be able to make a claim.

3.      A group health policy could be designed to cater for members with pre-existing conditions.


Short-term health insurance 


What if you’re traveling to South Africa on vacation or for a short duration? You can take up a Pacific Prime short-term insurance plan. This will cover you for anywhere between one and twelve months. If you will be staying longer, you can exercise the option to make the policy long-term. 



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