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I Need a Reliable Hospital Plan 


South Africa’s healthcare system is strewn with inefficiencies and challenges so that it is unable to deliver decent, reliable primary care to its citizens.  


Since the advent of democracy, the South African government may have put strategies and plans in place to strengthen the public health system, but outcomes are poor and deteriorating.  


A severe shortage of adequately skilled healthcare workers, failures and corruption in governance and management that have resulted in cash flow issues has seen to this.  


Covid-19 has also done nothing to improve the situation and in fact it has highlighted inadequacies in the public healthcare sector. If South Africa can’t deliver decent public healthcare, you need to be at least looking for affordable and reliable hospital plans.   



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Hospitals groan at the impact of diseases


Apart from Covid 19, South Africans have a high incidence of infectious diseases like TB and HIV/Aids. There is also a rising prevalence of non-communicable diseases, such as hypertension, diabetes and cancer, not to mention the very high numbers of trauma cases.  


Apart from Covid-19, when you add in all these ailments, it spells a daunting scenario for hospitals and clinics in the public sector. 


Last year in South Africa, expenditure on public and private healthcare in the formal sector totalled more than R400bn. Private healthcare delivery is of a high standard, but the public sector healthcare is riddled with crime, inefficiencies, being poorly resourced and understaffed.  



NHI – Reliable health care for all?

It is because of the high cost of private healthcare that so many South Africans are forced to rely on these kinds of public health services. Now the government is looking to phase in National Health Insurance to try and ensure that every South African has access to dependable medical care.


In the meantime, while South Africans wait gladly or with trepidation for the NHS to arrive, they need to choose the right medical care for themselves.  


Hospital plans have become the most sought after form of reliable medical care you can get, being far more affordable than medical aid plans. They cover hospital services such as anaesthetist and surgeon fees and the hospitals have agreed rates with medical aids, with bills being paid in full. 


Hospital plans for everyone – rich and poor 


Reliable Hospital Plans for South AfricansThere was a time when hospital plans were essentially designed for and sought after by lower-income people and those starting to work for the first time, but these days they are appealing to financially-strapped South Africans looking for cover when an emergency happens.  


Most of these plans for hospital treatments have set limits on the treatment of major medical expenses in hospital, so it is important that you are aware of these limits.  


Some hospital plans only cover these expenses up to the Prescribed Minimum Benefits. One thing is for sure, they are a reliable choice for if you dread what would happen to you in an emergency.  


A reliable, reputable source of affordable healthcare 


Make sure you get your medical aid and hospital plans from a well-established, reputable, reliable registered medical scheme. Always be aware too that reliable hospital plans generally have less generous benefits than a more comprehensive medical aid plan.  


Medishield has been in operation since 1968, and they are one of the most experienced, reliable medical schemes in South Africa.Their options offer affordably priced benefits designed to suit your healthcare needs as well as your pocket. 










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