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Short-Term Medical Cover and Medical Aid from Liberty

Short-term medical cover can provide you with medical relief but what these kinds of plans offer is different from your traditional medical aid plan.

The plans this cover offers can also vary depending on the insurance company you buy from. You can trust Liberty Health as they are a leading international health insurance provider, and they can be trusted to come up with world-class health benefits to individuals and corporates. 

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  • Liberty is a financial services group and short term medical cover insurer with the aim of making a positive difference in the lives of South Africans. Liberty Health offers health insurance plans for individuals and businesses in 21 African countries. They come with affordable rates as well as offering their medical aid. Their health insurance plans aren’t available to those who reside permanently in South Africa. However, any South African can join Liberty Health Cover.
  • These plans can protect you from the terrible financial impact that comes about when unexpected blows threaten you. This could be a terrible injury, a disability, a critical illness and even death.
  • Each policy that Liberty offers you has its own contractual terms, and if you need more information on premiums, claims and limitations, a Liberty Financial Adviser can answer all your questions.
  • Liberty Health was established in 2008. Short Term Medical Cover from Liberty

More About Short Term Medical Insurance from Liberty

  • As a leading health insurance provider, they offer comprehensive health care solutions to small business, corporates and individuals in South Africa.
  • Liberty provides access to 2 top medical schemes – Bonitas and Bestmed.
  • Liberty’s Lifestyle Protector offers comprehensive cover for critical illnesses and traumatic events. They also cover you for those dreaded rare illnesses that can play havoc with your life. Liberty gives you an amount that can be used for costs to help you make adjustments to your lifestyle.
  • Liberty covers vaccinations as well as a number of diagnostic tests and screenings. Instead of most of these PCBs being paid from your medical savings, they are paid for from the Major Medical Benefits.
  • Liberty has their Medical Premium Waiver Cover. This is cover to ensure that your gap cover as well as medical scheme premiums will still be paid after your disability or death. This cover is available to all policyholders.
  • Liberty covers injuries sustained from taking part in extreme sports.
  • Day-to-Day Extender benefit is useful in that it covers a number of day-to-day costs from Major Medical Benefits so that once again you don’t have to deplete your savings. Some of the benefits, among others, includes a Casualty Benefit and GP Network.
  • Liberty knows that accidents happen without warning and unlike other medical scheme plans they don’t have waiting periods on accidental trauma.

Nobody wants sickness and injury to ruin their lives because they weren’t able to pay for adequate health care.

Liberty Health works with a network of health care professionals and multi-national clients and they have worked hard to ensure that their clients can have peace of mind when it comes to accessing good medical care in private facilities.








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