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Ubuntu is a New Kind of Health Cover for South Africans

By now, most South Africans have heard of The National Health Insurance that is supposed to provide access to quality affordable health care to all South Africans.

However, when it comes to healthcare in South Africa, one can’t rely on the Government. South Africans need to take care of their own health care needs, such as with Ubuntu insurance, if they want to have decent medical treatment when they’re sick.

In South Africa, the type of health cover you choose for yourself will ultimately dictate how you get the treatment you need on the day you become ill. 

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Low Cost Health Insurance welcomed

Low-cost health insurance from Ubuntu has been welcomed into the South African market. South Africans are thankful that with medical aids becoming too expensive, even for high earners, health insurance is now available and sought after.

These health insurance products such as Ubuntu aren’t registered under the Medical Schemes Act, and they therefore don’t need to comply to the regulations of the Act.

Many people who belong to a medical aid choose health insurance from Ubuntu because they want to top up the medical cover they have.

  • UbuntuMed provides South Africans with solutions to their healthcare issues. It’s a great option for those who can no longer afford having a very expensive medical aid plan. If you want yourself and your family to benefit from cheap medical cover that is adequate, Ubuntu is something you need to consider. UbuntuMed partners with Unity Health.
  • Ubuntu offers its popular Primary Benefit which provides access to a variety of medical experts as well as your choice of gynaecologist.
  • They’ve also got their Emergency and Accident Benefit Option that covers you for an accident or some kind of emergency in a private hospital.
  • Some people like the look of both the plans and they choose the Combination Benefit Option. Target Graphic to Illustrate Ubuntu Medical Insurance




  • UbuntuMed has waiting periods with their plans which apply from the time the insured person signs up with the insurance plan. There is a 2-month general waiting period and 9-and 12 month waiting periods apply for other conditions.
  • UbuntuMed medical insurance offers plans that are within easy reach financially. They are partnersof Unity Health, offering cover through a network of private healthcare providers. You can know you’re in safe hands for sure as UbuntuMed has a network of no less than 2,700 doctors, 2,700 optometrists and 2,500 dentists.
  • Just like medical schemes offer their members a variety of plans to choose from, UbuntuMed is no different. They don’t just cover the main member, but the member’s spouse and children.
  • When you belong to Ubuntu’s Primary Benefit Option or their Combination Benefit Option you get access to the Essential Wellness Benefit and Preventative Care Benefit. You can visit your nearest Dischem or Clicks for your wellness assessment preventative test or vaccination.
  • Ubuntu covers the costs of a number of preventative vaccinations and tests.


The aim of the NHI is to ensure all South Africans have access to essential healthcare, but will it deliver on all its promises? It is far better to plan for your own healthcare now.

UbuntuMed from Ubuntu is excellent health cover that is affordable and adequate at a time when many South Africans are waving goodbye to medical aid plans forever.





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