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UbuntuMed Medical Insurance Information for Prospective Members 


If you can’t afford medical aid in South African anymore, then there is still health insurance as a worthwhile alternative to look at such as UbuntuMed medical insurance. The premiums are far lower than medical aid. These days with the coronavirus, the more money you can save, the better you’ll feel.


Everybody would like private healthcare as it means you can go to specialised clinics that offer excellent care and there are also hardly any waiting times.


Very few people can afford medical and the low premiums that come with health insurance plans are well worth a look-see. UbuntuMed medical insurance offers affordable health insurance plans that offer good coverage. UbuntuMed is in partnership with Unity Health and offer excellent cover through a network of private healthcare providers.


3 Different Options – all with superb offerings 


  • With UbuntuMed medical insurance you can choose between 3 options – Primary, Emergency and Combined. 
  • You can choose from a massive network of thousands of doctors, dentists and optometrists as well as other medical professionals.   
  • UbuntuMed covers you, your spouse and child as well as any children for whom you are the legal guardian.   
  • The Primary (Day-to-Day) Benefit allows Ubuntumed members access to doctors, dentists, radiologists, pharmacies,  optometrists and your choice of gynaecologist.   


Apart from the many benefits on this most affordable of plans, you can visit any network doctor for an unlimited number of times. Also, those basic medical procedures such as the stitching up of a wound can be done in your network’s doctor’s rooms.   


This plan also comes with their useful Health Screenings and Assistance Programme.  Health screenings include health checks for all those things you stress about such as -  

  •  cholesterol 
  •  blood pressure 
  •  cholesterol 
  •  glucose levels 
  •  Body Mass Index (BMI)   
  •  waist circumference  
  •  HIV/Aids which also comes with counselling. 

             The Programme also includes pap smears, PSA screening and vaccination.  


It can fill you with trepidation when you’re involved in some or other emergency and you have to resort to going to a state hospital. The thought must surely go through your mind that your chances of coming out alive are slim. 


Emergency and Accident benefit option 


UbuntuMed on the other hand, has their Emergency and Accident benefit option With this ridiculously affordable option, UbuntuMed, in partnership with Unity Health, covers you for accidents and emergencies at an excellent private hospital near you.  


You also get the 24-hour  Medical Emergency Services Benefit which includes emergency evacuation services, whether by air or road.  


Of course, there are many other benefits included in this option. 


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The Combination option 


Then there is the COMBINATION Option from UbuntuMed that combines the Primary and Emergency and Accident Benefits. The price that you pay each month is also ridiculously affordable when you take a look at all you get.


Just for starters, with the day-to-day UbuntuMed benefits you get -


  • GP Consultations and procedures 
  • Nurse and specialist consultation 
  • Acute and chronic medication 
  • Dentistry – both basic and emergency 
  • Optometry 
  • Pathology 
  • Radiology 
  • Maternity 
  • The option includes the Emergency & Accident Benefits 
  • The option includes Health Screenings & Assistance Programme 


Low-cost health insurance is flourishing in South Africa simply because medical aids are quickly losing the plot. They’re unaffordable and their offerings are diminishing.


It simply makes sense to go for good health insurance and UbuntuMed medical insurance is ready to step up to the plate and offer you a very worthwhile alternative to medical aid. 







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