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New: Wesmart hospital cover is now
available in South Africa

Today, more than ever, all South African families need excellent hospital cover. So you can benefit from hospital cover, we will help you sign up for health insurance! 

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 All South Africans need medical cover IN ADDITION to their medical scheme membership. Our giant short-term insurance companies supply excellent medical cover.  But which one should you choose?


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Medical Cover from Wesmart



Over the past few years, medical aid schemes have changed dramatically, and with that several hospital cover companies have sprung up - companies like Wesmart.   


The biggest, most complained-about change has been the simultaneous rise in monthly premiums together with the decreasing coverage you get. Hence companies like Wesmart 


It is why many people are giving up on their medical aid plans. They’re looking for other alternative means of medical cover. That's where Wesmart comes in.


Truly affordable health insurance from Wesmart 

Wesmart is one of these alternative means of medical cover. They are a medical insurance product, allowing anyone to apply for affordable health insurance that suits their needs. 

As an authorised financial services provider and as management healthcare campaigners, Wesmart is clued up on the topic of healthcare. Wesmart lives by the motto ‘Wesmart gets you’, and to this end they provide South Africans with quality medical insurance that is lower priced than medical aid.

The Wesmart insurer GENRIC is compliant with the necessary regulatory authorities. Wesmart’s policies offer consumers peace of mind therefore as GENRIC has a strong track record in the health insurance industry.

In fact, the Wesmart Primary Care Policy fits in ideally with your hospital plan and your medical aid. With medical cover from Wesmart, if you have a certain benefit option in place, such as illness- or accident benefits, you can be admitted to a private hospital once you have first phoned their 24/7 pre-authorisation line. 

Wesmart Hospital Cover is for South Africans

Off-the-shelf cover or tailor-made cover 


Their products include cover for corporate employers looking to provide healthcare benefits for their employees as well as cover for private individuals. Products can be tailor-made or off-the-shelf but they suit every pocket.  


Apart from their hospital cover, they provide their customers with a range of health insurance products - 


  • Primary Limited
  • Primary Standard 
  • Comprehensive Standard
  • Comprehensive Plus
  • Comprehensive Advanced 


The most basic cover 


The Primary Limited plan is a popular choice as it is less than R200 a month.  In spite of that being so ridiculously affordable, it provides GP consultations, dentistry, prescribed medication, hospitalisation cash benefit, 24-hour emergency medical services, and personal health advisor with a clinically trained consultant available 24/7. 


Their most expensive cover 


On the other hand, the Comprehensive Advanced plan leaves absolutely nothing out. It is more expensive, but still less than R2000 a month.  


It provides you with access to private or state facilities, it has a maternity benefit, Total Permanent Disability, Unlimited acute medication available, Optometry services, Dentistry, Chronic Medication and much more. 


How to cope with medical costs 


Anger, anxiety and sometimes joy are just a few of the many emotions people are experiencing with healthcare in South Africa. As an authorised financial services provider, Wesmart’s mission is to sure that everyone who appreciates good healthcare has access to medical services that bring them joy.  


They know too well that good healthcare from a medical aid can come at a huge cost that so many people simply can’t afford.  


Wesmart has made it the company mission to bring quality healthcare to consumers that can be chopped and changed to suit their pockets.  


From less than R200 a month, Wesmart plans offer an easy and affordable way to make a serious investment in your future health needs.  







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