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 All South Africans need the best health insurance in South Africa. Our magnificent short-term insurance companies supply excellent health insurance plans. Among them are Sanlam, Old Mutual, Clientele and 1Plan. But which one should you choose? WE ARE HERE TO HELP!


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Best Health Insurance in South Africa   


Many healthy people, young and old, try to get by without the best health insurance.


However, in South Africa, medical costs are massively expensive and often unexpected. Then what? What happens if you’re badly injured or you’re unexpectedly diagnosed with a chronic medical condition? 


Just having some kind of cover can relieve a lot of stress about how to manage your medical bills.  


Best health insurance in South Africa - Cover for expenses incurred in hospital  


The question that needs answering at this point, is what medical cover to choose? Comprehensive medical aid or hospital plans? What is the best hospital plan – those from medical schemes or from an insurance company?  


Some people will say look at OnePlan, Clientele, Day1Health or GetSavvi or one of the other insurance companies. The best non-medical aid hospital plans are certainly worth a look-see as they are the more affordable choice. 


The Best Health Insurance in South Africa - Get a Quote Here


These cheap plans help you pay for medical costs arising from a stint in hospital. They’re not all the same though, as some have more benefits and fewer exclusions. They cover you essentially for expenses incurred when you are admitted to hospital.  


All those out-of-hospital costs such as visits to your doctor will need to be paid by you. Medical aid plans have to provide medication cover for a specific list of chronic diseases or PMBs. Insurance company hospital plans don’t have to.  


So where does that leave the non-medical aid hospital plan in South Africa? What does it cover?  


Best health insurance in South Africa - You can be refused cover 


Hospital plans from an insurance company are a financial product, and not regulated by the Medical Schemes Act.  


You need to know that the insurance company can refuse cover for you if they believe you are too much of a risk.  


The truth is that people are looking for ways to save money and to still have some kind of quality medical health care.  


Some of the best hospital plans, as opposed to a comprehensive medical aid plan, can be a huge saving for you.  


At 1Life Insurance, you can find useful information and tips on insurance products and how they can change lives for the better. A 1Life policy is also on offer to you and they offer their clients a financial needs analysis to ensure the client is investing in the right cover – something they can afford. 


Best health insurance in South Africa - Look at costs and needs 


With 1Life, you can find plenty of advice on hospital plans, These plans are suited to those who don’t have high day-to-day medical expenses.  


At 1Life, they tell you to not only compare plans on the basis of costs but to also assess your needs and compare what benefits are available to you.  


They say that there are some important things to consider when choosing a hospital plan – your personal health needs, the costs involved and the benefits.  


The best hospital plan from an insurance company is certainly a cheaper option in terms of your monthly premium but do you have the financial resources to pay out of pockets for medicines for instance? Are you satisfied knowing that your hospital plan policy isn’t regulated by the Medical Schemes Act?  


Best health insurance in South Africa - Hospital Plans – better than nothing! 


When a medical aid hospital plan doesn’t solve your health problems in terms of expense, the best insurance company hospital plan should be considered.  


For anyone looking for cost-effective solutions to healthcare, these hospital plans can be a positive and healthy option for when the time comes for an operation and a stint in hospital. We believe our provider to be the best health insurance in South Africa.








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