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New: Hospital plans in South Africa are now available - without medical aid!

"Now more than ever South African families need powerful hospital plans. But not everyone can afford medical aid membership. Use the form below to contact us for a hospital plan quote from UbuntuMed. It's health insurance - and a hospital plan is a lot cheaper than medical aid."


Affordable Hospital Plans in South Africa - from Ubuntu

Ubuntu means "humanity towards others" and every time you are on the receiving end of good medical care from your hospital plans, you are experiencing humanity.

No matter how healthy you are, at some time you are going to require a hospital plan. Hospital plans from a short-term insurer protects South Africans you from the high medical costs most people experience with a medical aid plan. Even better, your hospital plan pays you out in cash for you to settle your hospital bills.

Under your hospital plan, thousands of medical professionals are there to help you

UbuntuMed hospital plan is in partnership with Unity Health and offers health cover through private healthcare providers. These excellent hospital plans in South Africa are affordable too.

Ubuntu has a network of thousands of medical professionals to serve your hospital plan - 2700 doctors, 2700 optometrists, 2500 dentists and many others who are available to take care of all your healthcare needs, so Ubuntu customers with hospital plans in South Africa are taken care of.

UbuntuMed provides different hospital plans in South Africa -

The Primary Benefit OptionHospital Plan The Emergency and Accident Benefit OptionHospital Plan Both hospital plans give you the Combination Benefit Option.

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All three of these hospital plans inSouth Africa are below R500 a month and each hospital plan covers you, your spouse and children.

With the Primary Benefit Option Hospital Plan, you get -

  • GP consultations where you can visit any network doctor
  • GP procedures
  • Nurse and specialist consultations
  • Acute- and chronic medication
  • Basic- and emergency dentistry treatment
  • Optometry - one eye-test per person each year
  • Pathology blood tests
  • Basic list of blood tests at a Designated Service Provider
  • Radiology - black and white x-rays only
  • Maternity - 2 gynaecologist visits, 2 ultrasound scans

With the Emergency and Accident Option appended to your hospital plan, you get -

  • No Overall Annual Limit
  • In-Patient Hospital
  • Out-Patient Casualty Treatment - Accident only
  • MRI and CT Scan - Accident only
  • Physiotherapy Occupational Therapists
  • Accidental Death Benefit
  • 24-Hour Medical Emergency Services Benefit

AbuntuMed hospital plans are a good choice for people wanting to avoid the high costs of medical aid. Health insurance from Ubuntu in the form of an UbuntuMed hospital plan is a good alternative.

Those who are on a hospital plan from a good medical aid and like to top-up their ever-diminishing cover like to choose this option. Health insurance policies are non-statutory hospital plans.

Hospital plans also cover you for accidents and emergencies at a private hospital. When you belong to the Primary Benefit Option or the Combination Benefit Option, you also have access to the Health Screening & Assistance Programme.

With Ubuntu hospital plans You benefit from health screening each year at approved pharmacists such as Dischem and Clicks. These screenings include among others, blood pressure, cholesterol, HIV, and glucose levels.

Pap smears are available every 3 years for those over the age of 21.

PSA screening is available every 2 years after the age of 50.

Every year you can have the influenza vaccine, vaccine for tetanus, hepatitis or pneumococcal.

UbuntuMed hospital plans in South Africa also have the Assistance Programme. This is a counselling service.

Members of the plans get unlimited telephonic trauma counselling, legal- and financial advice as well as HIV counselling services. These services are provided by trained, professional counsellors. The service is available 24/7.

Waiting periods

All hospital plans in South Africa come with waiting periods and Ubuntu's do as well. As an example, you will have a 2-month general waiting period and a 9-month maternity waiting period. There is also a 12-month optometry and chronic medication waiting period.

Medical aid is expensive and not every person can afford the massive monthly premiums. Health insurance is a worthwhile alternative, and UbuntuMed allows you to access excellent hospital plans in South Africa at a fraction of the cost.







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